Dear current and future client of Lockwood Realty Group,

“ONE STOP SHOP”, it might sound cliché, but it’s who we are and what we do here at LRG. You see, when the partners and I founded the company we set out to do something different. Quite frankly why would any real estate/property management company turn anyone away that has a real estate need to be fulfilled? When you have a specialized knowledge in each sector of real estate and in all asset classes, the answer is simple, you DON’T. We cater to the high school grad looking for his first apartment; the young couple buying their first home; the single mom downsizing to a more affordable one; the investor buying or selling their cash flow property; the small business owner needing a space to lease; the seasoned owner needing to complete a 1031 exchange to a larger investment, and so on.

LRG was created with three folks in mind. First and foremost, our owners/clients, without YOU we do not exist. We want to be clear; we handle our owner’s properties as though we own them ourselves. We are skilled in identifying a candidate property, master negotiators, and at brokering the deal. Once purchased (if it’s for investment), that’s when our management expertise comes into play. We maximize its performance in all categories, controlling costs and increasing gross income to ultimately achieving the highest NOI (net operating income) possible, then brokering the transaction on the back end at a healthy profit margin. The number one goal is to perform on a daily basis with laser focus on ALL of our client’s holdings.

Secondly, the church. Regardless of your religious beliefs, here in San Antonio, the church is doing some amazing things, and changing lives. This is why a portion of LRG’s proceeds goes to the City Church downtown, because they simply are one of the best at what they do.

Last, but most definitely not the least, it’s the men and women that are serving and have served this amazing country. I want to raise awareness for these unbelievable individuals. This next question is difficult to ask, but did you know 22 veterans take their lives every single day. (I didn’t either) I only knew one, he was an amazing friend and he will always be missed. That said, LRG has a donation goal of $22,000 this year. Once we achieve it we will cut a check for this amount and donate it to an organization that will be chosen by you. Yes, YOU. Our clients and owners will be surveyed at year end; the organization with the highest number of votes receives the check!
Thank you in advance for partnering with Lockwood Realty Group, and we cannot wait for what the future holds!

Take care and God Bless,

From the LRG Family